Five Tips to Quickly Transform Your Space for Holiday Guests

Anne G. | Wednesday, October 14, 2020

It's fun to spend time with family and friends during the holidays, but overnight guests require a little more effort than those who simply drop by for an hour or two. If you're hosting overnight holiday guests this year, use these simple tips for an easy space transformation that will keep everyone happy and comfortable. 

Invest in an Air Mattress or Two

Person Sleeping

No room for a bed? Buy a few high-quality air mattresses. They can be deflated and tucked away in a closet when not in use. Then, when it's time for guests to turn in for the night, it's an easy chore to drop an air mattress on the floor beside an existing bed or to push back the couch in the living room and inflate a little extra sleeping space. Air mattresses are notoriously comfy — much better than foldaway cots or foam mats on the floor. Just be careful to keep pets with claws away from your delicate inflatables. 

Add a Partition for Privacy

If your holiday entertaining all takes place within the same two or three rooms, add a free-standing or folding partition screen to afford guests a little privacy, especially at night. One large room, partitioned off, should allow enough space for guests to sleep or to relax comfortably in private. 

Additionally, take care to afford holiday guests a little courtesy. If they're faced with sleeping in your living room, playroom or basement, be sure the area is cleared out and quiet by normal sleeping hours. 

Remember the Necessities


If guests are sleeping in areas other than bedrooms, remember to supply them with the items they may still need such as a bedside stand with a lamp, some reading material and maybe a television. Provide an alarm clock if requested, and be sure to stock enough pillows and blankets to keep guests warm and comfortable. 

Stock the Bathroom and Refrigerator

Of course, you'll make sure your holiday guests get plenty of tasty foods to eat, but be sure to have some snacks on hand too, just in case family gets snacky in the middle of the night. Make sure bathroom supplies are plenteous and easy to find as well, so nobody runs out of anything vital in the wee hours.

Make Use of Unconventional Spaces

Have a climate-controlled attic or basement? It's perfectly acceptable to offer them to holiday guests as guestrooms. In fact, most guests would probably prefer the added privacy of a dedicated space away from the crowd where they can go to recoup -— even if the surroundings aren't hotel-quality. As long as your space is warm and clean and comfortable, a little clutter won't matter to family. Just remember to take into account everyone's mobility. Third floors and basements might not be the best choice for elderly relatives who have trouble navigating stairs. 

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