Hanging onto Summer: 4 Ways to Keep Using Your Space All Year

Meredith S | Monday, August 17, 2020

The Great Outdoors has always been important to Americans, but now more than ever, people are really starting to wake up to its potential. Yet all too many of us will fold up the furniture and head indoors for the duration of the other seasons, only popping our heads back out again when we start to feel the heat through our windows again. Before you make the move back indoors, we'll give you a few ways to make the most out of your outdoor space. 

Add Lighting

Outdoor Space Lighting
Outdoor Space Lighting

One of the biggest reasons why you'll see a drop-off in who's using the patio during the coldest months is due to the lack of light. From candlelight to recessed bulbs to tiki torches to firepits, there are plenty of ways to illuminate the backyard and tempt people to get off the couch. Upgrading the size of your windows to allow more light transfer both outside and inside. Fire is especially recommended because it can be used to help people cook a few hot dogs, scare off the bugs, or just inspire a little relaxation. 

Separate the Areas

Just like your interior home, an outdoor living room should be distinct from an outdoor dining room. You can use anything from rugs to spacing to different types of furniture to tell people that they're transitioning from one type of space to another. Outdoor-friendly Ceramic Tile and Porcelain Tile options are a great way to break from traditional paver stones and cement options and incorporate your personal style into your outdoor space. Because a sectional will have a very different purpose than a dining room chair, it helps people feel as though the outdoors has that much more versatility and functionality when they choose to brave the cooler months. 

Add a Heat Source

Outdoor Living Room Fireplace
Outdoor Living Room Fireplace

Hot tubs and fire pits are certainly options for making more use of the outdoors throughout the year, but an outdoor fireplace is also a cozy addition if you really want to enjoy a snack or a glass of wine even when the winds pick up. Our Natural Stone Tile is a great material for this type of project. If a fireplace or fire pit isn't practical, an outdoor heater can go a long way toward giving you the comfort you need. Of course, extra pillows and blankets are a must (and particularly effective when paired with a mug of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate). 

Spring for a Fountain

Outdoor Living Room Fountain
Outdoor Living Room Fountain

A water element in the yard can provide a center of calm for all those who live within the home. Just visiting the space for a few minutes at a time can be a way to rest and recharge before having to go back to real life. Plus, if you happen to have noisy neighbors, it's a great way to drown out all that extra sound you'll hear just from opening the door. Fountains may not be practical in the iciest months, but they can welcome people outdoors in the spring and fall. 


Making the investment in a backyard space might be off-putting at first, but consider just how much money you spend on a part of a property that you're only using a few months out of the year. There are plenty of ways to get more from every inch of your grounds once you know how to liven up your outdoor space. 

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