More Realistic Barnwood Porcelain Planks Available Now!

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Look of Reclaimed Barn Wood, with the Durability of Porcelain

Barnwood Porcelain Room
22 Different patterned planks makes for a natural look and variations.

Porcelain planks that look like hardwood flooring are a popular trend in home improvement right now, but a common complaint is pattern repetition and that the size of the tiles are shorter than actual wood planks, making them look less like real wood. AB Ceramics in Spain has developed a porcelain plank that is 8” in width and an incredible 45” in length. Additionally, by using a new, high-definition printing technology, the surface has greater shade variations for a more authentic look of rustic, reclaimed barn wood. AB Ceramics has stated that there are 22 different plank patterns, giving you a natural, random look to your floor without as many duplicate planks.

These porcelain planks are perfect for high-use/high-traffic areas since they’re more durable and resistant to scratches & chipping than hardwood. Great for use in high moisture environments, porcelain is not subject to warping or expansion.These planks have rectified edges so they can be laid closer together, requiring thinner grout lines to help maintain the look of real wood. These porcelain planks are super low-maintenance, just clean with a simple soap and water mixture or household cleaner. No need to seal. You can sit back and enjoy a floor that will last for a very long time with no need to worry about everyday wear and tear.

Barnwood Porcelain Sample
AB Ceramics have produced a 45" long plank tile to look more like hardwood flooring.

Barnwood porcelain panels come in packages of five 8” x 45” pieces, covering 12.27 sq. ft. Contact your local Barton's Home store for price and availability.