Outdoor Space Ideas For 4th Of July Entertaining

Alethea M | Friday, June 28, 2019

July 4th is right around the corner, and outdoor spaces will be in high demand. You can quickly update your space with some simple changes that will make a world of a difference. To update your space for the best ROI, start by considering what will look consistent with the rest of your home and what will add value to your lifestyle. Unless you are selling in the near future, you will want to choose the kind of space that will enable you to use your space efficiently in the way best suited for your family. Outdoor spaces can add a lot of visual appeal, but it is impossible to know exactly what the next buyer is going to want. Keeping the space cohesive with the rest of the house and adaptable to more than one kind of use might be the best way to improve value with your upgrade. Here are our favorite quick DIY patio ideas for backyards on a budget.

Fire Pit

A great place for entertaining friends can be circled around a fire pit. Use kiln-fired brick that can withstand high heat around the base of the pit. Then you can use textured and stylish stacked stone tile around the base, extending out far enough to support seating if your space permits. Some fire pit spaces even feature built-in bench-style seating that surrounds part of the pit that is made of the same style tile.

Grilling Station

Grilling Station Ledger Stone

One of the most classically popular outdoor spaces would be a designated place for the grill. Since the grill is often a featured part of most backyard bashes, it stands to reason that a special place would have a valuable use in the yard. Use smooth porcelain tile that will hold up to wear but allow the grill to move freely across the surface. Distressed wood-look flooring tile can provide a rustic look to match a charcoal grill and character-filled home. Use a high-end marbled porcelain tile for a classy look for a modern home as well as textured stacked stone.

Al Fresco Space

If you are having a smaller intimate party, outdoor dining (al fresco) is a great way to spend a summer evening. Use a beautiful tile for the flat foundation and place your patio furniture on top. Some outdoor eating spaces even feature a small fridge, storage space and more to increase the convenience aspect of the design.

Garden Walk

Outdoor Area Using Porcelain

If you love landscaping and don’t want to take up a lot of your space with seating or cooking stations (or have been looking for backyard ideas on a budget), consider highlighting your gardens. You can use tiles to create stepping stones that travel throughout the gardens. Use these paths to guide your visitors and keep them out of the flowerbeds. You can even set up benches, a swing and other seating in key places where guests might want to relax or meditate in your gardens.

For more DIY backyard ideas and patio ideas on a budget, keep browsing our blog! We can help you with your flooring needs and home inspiration.

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