Petspiration: Prepping Your Home For Furry Holiday Guests

Jim V | Friday, November 6, 2020

Our furry friends offer unconditional love and deserve a safe, secure, and cozy home. The pets of your holiday guests are no different. For those who plan to entertain furry visitors or add one to your family during the holidays, you may need to rethink your kitchen. This is especially true if you don't already have pets of your own. It’s no secret that the kitchen garners the most traffic of any room, and pet owners often use the space to store food in kitchen cabinets and put out bowls on the flooring. Given that your furry friends will spend time there, it’s essential to prepare for their arrival. Here are three tips on kitchen and cabinet organization that can make life with pets seamless.

Consider Hidden Food Bowls in the Kitchen

Pet Owner Installing Cabinets

While some pet owners leave bowls out on the kitchen flooring all day, others prefer to monitor eating habits. Just like a lot of us during the holidays, some dogs tend to overeat and gain excess weight. Picking up bowls and refilling them for every meal can get tedious. But if you don’t, your pup’s health could suffer.

One of the tricks some homeowners employ is called “hidden food bowls.” This strategy works by installing a food and water bowl directly into one of the drawers of your quality kitchen cabinets. It’s a terrific DIY project that only requires you to secure the bowls in place, so they don’t spill. Simply pull out the drawer and watch your pet wag their tail. When they have gotten enough nutrition and hydration, close the drawer. Hidden food bowls are also a wonderful way to extend hospitality to guests and their pets.  

Create Sleeping Quarters in Quality Kitchen Cabinets

If you are planning to add a pet to your home this holiday season, it may be time to consider building a pet bed right into those American Made kitchen cabinets you have planned for your kitchen remodel. If you have good carpentry skills, this can be a DIY project. Otherwise, consider creating a design with a licensed contractor to ensure it’s comfortable for your pet and looks great.

Instead of using cabinets at the flooring level to store bulky pots and pans, that space remains open. The interior is typically painted or finished to appear consistent with your overall kitchen cabinet style. A comfy bed can be inserted, and it won’t take long for your pet to acclimate and enjoy the personal space. One of the great things about installing a pet bed into quality kitchen cabinets is that it delivers additional human floor space. You won’t be tripping over the randomly placed dog or cat bed any longer.

Install Pet-Friendly Kitchen Flooring

Pet Friendly Flooring
Pet Friendly Flooring

When undertaking a kitchen upgrade, keep in mind that not all types of flooring can handle pet traffic. It may come as something of a surprise, but seemingly sturdy hardwood flooring may be prone to scratching. Consider selecting a material that looks great, resists water, and won’t scratch when friends and relatives arrive with large dogs. By utilizing products such as vinyl plank flooring and tile, among others, you won’t have to put up a gate to keep visiting pets from scratching your beautiful kitchen flooring.

Improve Cabinet Organization for Pet Supplies

It’s not uncommon for pet owners to have a wide range of supplies strewn about in multiple drawers and cabinets. That’s largely because there are staples such as foods, treats, and supplements that are consistently purchased and brought home. Then there are those toys and adorable outfits that are randomly purchased. Where they will end up can be something of a mystery.

Regardless of whether you are undergoing a complete kitchen remodel or just updating, organizing cabinets to include a comprehensive pet supply space simplifies things. It may be worthwhile to select organizers with holders for food, treats, supplements, and a place to put those unexpected items you come across.

Organization helps improve your quality of life and that of your beloved pet. With the holidays growing closer, the time is now to prepare for furry guests and perhaps a new addition to the family.   

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