Selecting Custom Cabinetry for Kitchen Remodels

Monday, March 5, 2018

When you're considering a remodel for your kitchen, upgrading your cabinets is going to make a big impact on the overall look as well as the efficiency of the space. You want to choose colors that are neutral and fit the overall style of your home. Choose cabinet features and finishes that will work with many different styles and needs. Adding in a few "wow!" custom features, like pull-out pantry shelves or a special spice drawer, can show off the value of storage in the kitchen.

    Cabinet Materials and Finishes

    From the wood material used in your cabinets to the handles and pulls you choose to accent with, your cabinetry should have the look of true quality. Not every house is ideally suited for exotic woods or dramatic stains. Choose a quality wood with a finish that matches your home and personal style. The types of wood available for cabinet selection include:

    • Oak
    • Maple
    • Hickory
    • Cherry
    • Birch
    • Ash
    • Pine

    Custom Features

    When you're redoing the kitchen cabinetry, you get to choose the features that are ideal for your needs and your space. Custom cabinets give you a lot of design options that can make a kitchen feel efficient and spacious.

    Drawer and Cupboard Space


    Redoing cabinetry allows you to determine the best way to set up your cupboards and drawers. There are a lot of special options that can be included to specifically house certain items. Drawers and sliding shelves can be used to store:

    • Spices
    • Knives
    • Trash
    • Tupperware
    • Pots and Pans

    Cabinets and drawers can include special dividers and shelving to better utilize the space. Using smaller shelves in the cupboards, for example, may be better for plates, while dividers can be used in a large drawer to store Tupperware or baking sheets.

    Corner Storage

    The corner of the kitchen is a great place to include a special cupboard or drawer that uses the space wisely. When redoing the kitchen, consider that your corner space might best be used for these features:

    • Lazy Susan
    • Blind Corner Pull-Out
    • Corner Drawer

    Special Features

    These features can create the "wow!" factor that impresses guests and future buyers. You can add to the ambiance of your space by including the right special features in your kitchen cabinets, such as:

    Special Features

    In Cabinet Lighting
    • In-Cabinet Lighting
    • Soft Close
    • Glass Inserts
    • Built-In Cutting Board Pullout


    A kitchen remodel is one of the best investments you can make when looking to increase a home's resell value. People notice the style and features of the kitchen. A smart remodel will include a kitchen that's not too overpriced for the home, but catches the attention of potential buyers. When it comes to looking at real estate, buyers notice whether or not money has been put into the kitchen and bathrooms of the home.

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