Sprucing up your home for the holidays: Choosing the right renovation projects

Maurcia H. | Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The holidays are coming: Get your house in order now!  With just a short time until the holiday season kicks into high gear, there’s no better time to start planning your home improvement projects for the holidays.

Step # 1: Pick Your Projects

As summer winds down, it can be hard to think about the holidays. But, when it comes to getting your house into tip-top shape for all of those guests and festivities, you can’t delay.

Take a tour of your home and make a list of the things you really want to have done by the time the holidays roll around. Once you have your list made, you can choose the projects you have the time, money and energy for.  Be realistic. For instance, a complete kitchen remodel probably isn’t going to be finished in time for the holidays. However, painting walls, installing floors and even changing out bathroom cabinets are all remodeling projects that can be accomplished before the December rush.

Prioritize your project list, starting with the most urgent (and important ones). That way, if you finish one project in record time you will know exactly what to start next.

Step # 2: Set a Budget


Renovating can get expensive, especially when you go into it without a plan. Set a budget before you begin to alleviate the stress of paying for excessive bills later.  

Step # 3: Set a Schedule

Whether you plan to tackle your home improvement projects yourself or hire a professional to do them for you - you will need a schedule.  That way you will know when the project will start – and end.  Decide on a date to begin your project and set aside the appropriate days or weeks to complete it.  Be sure to add extra time for emergencies or problems which could cause a delay.

Step # 4: Stay on Track

Life is busy and other responsibilities and activities can derail your home improvement projects; especially when you are doing them yourselves.  Be diligent and be persistent.  Getting everything on your list completed by the holidays may be a challenge. Finishing on time requires sticking to your schedule.

Step # 5: Enjoy the Process

Remodeling can be stressful for a family – but it doesn’t have to be.  It can also be fun.  This is a time to enjoy the process.  Picking out new floors, paint colors and furniture is exciting.  Allow yourself the freedom to experiment and have some fun.

Holiday Projects to Consider

Kitchen Cabinets

You look around your house and all you see are problems. You want to refresh your home for the holidays, but where do you start? Here are a few suggestions:


People spend a lot of time in their kitchen during the holidays. This makes it an excellent place to start your renovations.  While time constraints may keep you from doing a complete kitchen overhaul, three months is plenty of time for these simple fixes and upgrades:

  • Repaint your cabinets.  If you decide to do this yourself, plan on spending at least 4-5 complete weekends on the project.  Repainting your kitchen cabinets can give the room a whole new look and feel, but it does take some time to clean, sand, and paint.
  • Add new hardware. Want to give your cupboards a new look with out the hard work of refinishing them? Simply adding new hardware can take older looking cabinets and make them look cleaner, fresher and more modern.
  • Replace solid cabinet fronts with glass panes.  To make your kitchen look more open and modern, replace some of your cabinets fronts with glass panes
  • Install new countertops. Depending on your budget, simply switching out older countertops with new granite or marble ones can change the entire look of your kitchen.
  • Freshen the space with new paint: Open up the space with a fresh coat of light/neutral colored paint.
  • Install new floors: installing new laminate or tile can take some time and money, but can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of your kitchen.


If you are planning on entertaining this holiday season, sprucing up your living area may be top on your list of renovation priorities. In addition to repainting the walls and adding some new artwork, here are a few remodeling projects to consider:

  • Tackling the floors. Older carpets can sometimes be salvaged with a professional deep cleaning. If not, consider installing hardwood, laminate or even tile in the room. New flooring is a fairly quick way to give the entire house the feel of a big change – and remodel. 
  • Add an accent wall: Even if you aren’t up for repainting the entire room, you can add an accent wall with some color and texture using either a new paint or wallpaper. A wood-look vinyl tile feature wall is a great way to add some color and texture to your space. This adds style and interest to any room.
  • Add a new window: If your main living area looks out to a beautiful landscape or scenery (mountains, fields, trees, a lake, etc), consider replacing smaller windows with a larger picture or bay window. That way you and your guests can enjoy the splendor of the outdoors all of the time.


Your powder and guest bath will likely get a lot of use this holiday season. Some quick and easy upgrades to consider include:

  • A new color. Open up small spaces by repainting the walls a light neutral color.
  • Add accessories: New accessories can make any bathroom look fresh and clean.
  • Change out the fixtures: Update an old looking bathroom with new faucets.


Want to make a big impression on your holiday guests? Installing a new entry door can have a big impact on your house’s overall look and style. With thousands of door styles to choose from these days, you can likely find something that will showcase your entire home for the holidays – and beyond.

The holidays are coming and now is the perfect time to get ready.  There is time to refresh your home before the hustle and bustle of the season. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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