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Jim V | Friday, February 12, 2021

Modernizing a bathroom generally gives homeowners a tremendous return on investment in both leisure lifestyle and value. Ask any real estate agent which rooms drive listing prices up and have buyers champing at the bit, and they’ll usually say great bathrooms. That being said, there is an abundance of trends circulating the internet if you run a Bathroom Ideas 2021 search. If you are considering upgrading your bathroom, these are three ways to re-imagine luxury in 2021.     

1: Elevated Vanities with LED Lighted Mirrors Set Bathrooms Apart

Elevated Vanities with LED Lighted Mirrors Set Bathrooms Apart

Bathroom vanities offer an opportunity to peacefully enjoy time in an expansive bathroom. In many ways, it’s one of the few spaces where you can put the world on pause and just pamper yourself. Many of the new residential vanity designs have moved away from cabinets. They are secured directly to the wall, and the open space below improves the sense of spaciousness. Vanity tops made from marble, granite, and other durable materials are showing increased popularity.

Beyond the vanity top and deep sinks, LED lighted mirrors rank among the more prevalent transitions to a modern bath. Hot-trending products include lighted mirrors that are touch-activated, have dimmer capabilities, and can even employ colored lights to change the ambiance. A modern bath would be incomplete without energy-efficient LED mirrors.

2: Iconic Deep Tubs Are the New Normal

2: Iconic Deep Tubs Are the New Normal

It’s inconceivable to think that the once deep bathtub gave way to shower-only bathrooms. The good news for working people who desire long baths in soapy warm water with candles all around is that suppliers are churning out yesteryear bath designs. Modern bathrooms include built-in tubs with stairs and a platform that matches the material used in the vanity top. Such designs create space for candles, incense, Bluetooth devices, and a glass of wine, among others. Yes, the modern bathroom is all about old-fashioned decadence.

3: Make It Your Own With Color, Accessories & Crown Molding

Grays, whites, and subtle greens appear to be on the rise among Bathroom Ideas 2021. Nothing too dark as light colors make rooms feel more spacious and relaxing. Some of the prominent color schemes include classic white tubs and water closets set against attractive grays. Vanity sinks typically synch with the bath and water closet to offset the light gray walls.

Crown molding appears to be on the uptick as more modern bathrooms are moving away from walls being squared at the top. The theme runs gray walls, white crown molding, and back to the gray ceiling, in many cases. Subtle green walls and, possibly ceilings, can be used to contrast off the marble and wide range of granite vanity tops and tub areas. But homeowners are generally tasked with bringing these elements together by including accessories that infuse the bathroom with a personal touch. That aspect gives home décor enthusiasts a reason to shop for out-of-the-ordinary accessories that make your space your own.

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