Bath & Shower Accessories

When you think about designing or renovating a bathroom, shower accessories probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. But the right accessories will keep your shower experience safe and convenient while providing the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom decor.

Choosing Your Shower Parts

When you’re redoing your bathroom, don’t forget about the actual parts of the shower! While you can keep the old fixtures if you wish, most people choose to install newer styles to go with the new and improved bathroom design.

Installing new shower accessories is a fairly straightforward process unless you’re changing the configuration of your bath or shower.


Installing a bathroom drain is more than just choosing your drain cover. One great feature to install is an overflow drain. This drain will catch excess water before the tub overflows. If you’re forgetful and tend to leave the faucet on, it’s very useful.

If you’re a homeowner who likes to take things into your own hands, you can install an overflow drain yourself with our waste overflow drain kit.


The right showerhead can make or break your showering experience. One of the best ways to make sure everyone in your household is happy is to go with a dual-function showerhead. This type can be used while mounted to the wall or as a handheld unit.

Selecting a showerhead that lets you adjust the flow of water will help you create a shower experience that’s just right!


When it comes to bath and shower accessories like shampoos, razors, and loofahs, it can be a lot easier to store them in the shower. That’s where shelving comes in. Especially when you’re remodeling, it can be all too easy to forget about shower storage.

There are a couple of ways you can ensure your shower has adequate storage. If you’re adding a new shower or bathtub surround, you can select one with a built-in niche or shelving.

If you aren’t, you can select stand-alone shelves. These don’t have to be the cheap suction-cup caddies you see at the dollar store; you can find sleek, modern-looking shelving for just about any style of decor.

Grab Bars

You might not think you need a shower grab bar, but if your shower floor gets too slippery, you’ll be glad you have one! Grab bars don’t have to take up a whole lot of space in the shower; we offer them in 18-inch, 24-inch, and 36-inch sizes. They come with an elegant stainless steel finish.

Improve Your Bathroom with Shower Accessories

Bath accessories aren’t only for your shower or bathtub. The rest of your bathroom needs a few accessories, too!

Unless you have a glass-walled shower, a shower rod is a must-have. We offer affordable shower rods that are easy to install. These shower rods have a curved design that gives you more space in the shower while preventing water from spilling over onto your floor.

You’ll also need a towel bar or two. We offer both vintage-inspired and angular, modern designs to suit any aesthetic.

Finish matters when it comes to towel bars and other accessories, and we offer three great finishes to choose from. Polished chrome gives you a cool-toned shine that matches most types of bathroom hardware.

If you like the silvery look but prefer something just a bit warmer, satin nickel is the finish for you. It has a warmer glow than chrome, and its satin look gives it a perfectly muted shine.

Lastly, if you prefer a look of vintage elegance, our distinctive oil-rubbed bronze finish might be the finishing touch your bathroom needs.