Stay on budget and in style with our wide range of options for house windows. Whether you're looking for replacement windows for your living spaces, basement windows, or windows for new construction, Home Outlet has them! Choices include aluminum and vinyl materials, windows with and without internal grids, double-hung or single-hung, as well as bay and picture windows. If you need help deciding what style is best for your home window replacement project, talk to our experts via chat or call! We are always happy to help.

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The Window Material You Choose Makes a Difference

Home Outlet offers aluminum and vinyl windows. Each material has unique benefits. Aluminum windows are great for matching colors with other features of your home because you can paint them. Although they're lightweight, they can handle heavy loads, making them a good option for larger buildings. Our aluminum windows have a DP50 rating, meaning they can withstand strong winds, rain, and snow better than lower rated windows.

Energy efficiency is built into the design of our vinyl windows with their low-E glass. Low-E insulated glass is treated to be transparent to visible light while minimizing infrared and ultraviolet light, which are the wavelengths that bring heat into your home and assist in fading your furniture and carpet over time.

Other benefits of vinyl replacement windows include visible durability &ndash they don't show chips and dents because they are made of the same material throughout. Vinyl house windows are not prone to condensations issues and tend to be low maintenance.

Style and Structure Are Important Considerations

The look and utility of your windows should factor into the decisions you make for your home window replacement project. Choosing between single-hung windows and double-hung windows means choosing whether you want the upper sash to remain stationary (single-hung) or mobile (double-hung). Internal grids offer visual interest, but they also break up the sun's rays as they enter your space. The beauty of having these options is you get to decide which works best for your project and your personal taste!