Mosaic Tile & Backsplash Tile

There’s almost nothing more striking than a custom mosaic kitchen backsplash. They’re incredibly trendy and for a good reason. They can tell a story about your personality and style point of view while creating magnificent accents to an already-gorgeous home. Furthermore, they immediately add to the value of your kitchen and home overall. 

Installing a mosaic backsplash doesn’t have to be complicated or something that empties your wallet. Home Outlet is the mosaic tile outlet dedicated to getting DIY-loving homeowners the products they need at prices they’ll love

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Backsplash Tile: Materials and Styles

Materials matter significantly, both for looks and price. There are so many materials, styles, and colors to choose from at Home Outlet that we guarantee you’ll find mosaic tile that resonates with your aesthetic. We always have the best quality tiles that look and function great, and our wares also have a wide array of geometric shapes and textures for our customers to play around with. From glass mosaic tiles to marble mosaic tiles, there’s something here for every taste and budget.

A mosaic backsplash tile is a unique type of tile that homeowners use to express their individuality and add interest to their kitchens, but we also cater to customers looking more for durability from their mosaic tile backsplash. We offer varieties made from sturdy materials that stand the test of time and also feature some waterproof options that are perfect for the homeowner who needs function over form. Even our most durable options still look phenomenal, so there’s no need to trade one for the other at Home Outlet!

Creating a custom mosaic with kitchen backsplash tile is like painting a canvas, and the best way to create is to have many options at your disposal. Our color selections focus on muted, earthy tones that mesh well with virtually any home decor, but we also feature many tiles with unique prints and hues that will stand out in the best way possible. Choose from our wide assortment of finishes to perfect your look. Whether you choose gloss, semi-gloss, polished, or matte, each of these finishes adds to the distinctive look, allowing for even more variation in the final product.

At Home Outlet, we recognize the need for easy-to-install and great-looking backsplash tiles. We’ve curated a catalog emphasizing creativity, ingenuity, and quality, and after you’ve seen what we have available, we think you’ll feel empowered to start working on your tile backsplash. Your future kitchen is waiting at Home Outlet!