When it comes to building the bathroom of your dreams, look no further than Barton's for bathroom home improvement.  Serving our customers since 1885, we have been on trend for generations, offering home improvement supplies at not only impressive value and an exceptional selection, but also expert advice.  Barton's is 100% employee owned, and though we have the guaranteed low prices on bathroom fixtures and accessories, our ideas are free of charge. Contact us now and let us help you with your bath remodel or bath renovation!

Build your bathroom

Vanities and cabinets: From engineered quartz and granite vanity tops, to linen cabinets, vanity bases, light bars, and much more, we have a large selection to match your existing bathroom, or completely start over from scratch.  When you are updating your bathroom, it is usually better to do a full removal of old furniture and replace it with new due to water damage and even just outdated designs.

Toilets: Whether you want high efficiency, elongated, or elevated, our selection of toilets is sure to fit your needs. We carry:

  • Seats
  • Bowls
  • Standard height
  • Paper holders 

Bathtubs and showers:  Build the shower or tub you can't wait to step into every day.  We have shower door kits, shower units, seats, and tubs you won't want to get out of.  We supply curtain rods and fixtures you will enjoy every day. Built right for comfort and priced right for peace of mind.


Lavatory and shower faucets: For the best in water control, these faucets and fixtures are suited to your budget, and are sure to look as good as they work.


Pedestal sinks: Adding a touch of class to your bathroom is all about the details.  Pedestal sinks offer luxury as well as function.  You can't go wrong with such a classic look at these kinds of prices.