At Home Outlet, we understand each consumer has unique expectations and requirements for every home installation, from sinks and faucets in the kitchen and bathroom to cabinets, vanities, and countertops throughout the home. Your bathroom toilet should be no different, which is why we have a number of toilets for sale, including most standard height options typical of most restrooms. Our assortment also offers elongated bowls and a one-piece alternative. For our two-piece designs, you may purchase toilet bowls and tanks separately. Choose what best matches the needs of those living in your home.

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Toilet Measurements

When it comes to choosing the right toilet, measurements are one of the most significant factors. Each toilet for sale includes a rough-in measurement. This increment represents the length from the middle of the pipe in the floor to the wall - 12 inches is most common. Height is also important to note. You may buy toilets that abide by ADA guidelines or opt for a shorter standard height. ADA-compliant toilets, also known as comfort, or chair, height, are 2 to 3 inches taller than standard height, making them wheelchair-accessible.

Choose from round or elongated toilet bowls. Typically, round toilet bowls are smaller (by about 2-3 inches) and less expensive than their elongated counterparts, making them ideal for guest bathrooms or a half bath. However, elongated toilet seats tend to be considered more comfortable.

Pay attention to water consumption levels as well. If you are looking to save water, choose a low flow toilet. These toilets use less water per flush and could help save $140 or more per year on your water bill. Let us know if you have any questions about the sizing or consumption levels of our discount toilets by sending us a quick chat! We are always happy to answer any inquiries about our products!