Door Knobs & Locks

Keep your family and possessions safe with the proper door hardware. With reversible options, double- and single-cylinder deadbolts, lockset combo packs, and several different finishes, you can find what's best for your own personal comfort level and home style. Prior to selecting your door knob lock, make sure to record measurements for the depth of your door, the diameter of the cross bore (where the latch is inserted) and bore hole (where the door knob is assembled), and the length of the backset (distance from the edge of the door to the bore hole).

Types of Interior Door Knobs

The doors inside your home, from your kitchen pantry and closets to your bedrooms, require less complex door hardware than those providing entrance into your home. Oftentimes, passage knobs or handles are used for closets or children's bedrooms, as they allow access from either end without a key. Dummy locks are also used for these purposes, as they only require a pull or push to open or close. Privacy door knob locks, however, include a one-sided lock for enhanced privacy.

Exterior Door Hardware

It is important to note that exterior doors are typically thicker than interior doors. Double check your measurements before making your decision. Many families prefer to include an entry door handle lock, as well as a deadbolt, for their front and back doors. Together, the lockset provides ultimate security.