Barn Door Hardware

Barn doors are a trendy way to bring style into a room. Streamlined against a wall, they save space by eliminating the area needed for regular-motion doors. While the style of barn door you select is important, the barn door hardware you choose can make or break the look.

Two Finishes, Two Completely Different Styles

Barton's Home Improvement, Bargain Outlet, and Surplus Warehouse have two finishes for interior barn door hardware to choose from. The powder black coating sets the door up for a truly rustic feel – perfect for a home with country, cottage, or castle-style accents. By comparison, the brushed nickel finish creates a modern look and kicks the contemporary style of the room up a notch.

The barn door kit includes the barn door track, spacers, bolts, hangers, discs with screws, door stops, hidden floor guide, double floor guides, and track hole caps. Remember to buy the matching barn door handles separately. If you have any questions about our sliding barn door kits, be sure to ask one of our experts via phone call or chat. We're happy to assist!