Countertop Side Splashes

You are probably already familiar with kitchen backsplashes. Maybe you’ve even installed one. But if you have a laminate countertop, there’s one more thing you need to do to complete the look — install a countertop side splash.

Installing side splashes is an easy process, and it’s worth taking the time to do since they will protect your walls and paint from moisture and keep your kitchen looking great for years to come.

Protect Your Walls with a Side Splash

So what exactly is a countertop side splash? It’s a piece of (usually) laminate installed where your countertop meets a wall. Just as backsplashes are installed along the back of your counter where it meets the wall, side splashes go anywhere the side of your countertop runs into a wall.

If you’ve already gone through the work of installing countertops and a backsplash, you may wonder why you need a kitchen side splash. The main reason is to protect the paint on your wall.

You may not be at risk of getting grease or food spills over on a side wall, but water and cleaning products can take their toll over time. Whether you’re spraying the countertop with disinfectant or wiping it down with a wet sponge, you’re bound to run into the wall.

Paint can be durable, but with this kind of exposure, it will soon become stained or start peeling. If you install a side splash, you can avoid the headache of repainting!

Though it’s somewhat less important than protecting your paint, a side splash can also give your kitchen a more cohesive look. When you have a side splash, you have an opportunity to smooth over any irregularities where your countertop meets the wall.

Actually, installing a side splash is quick and easy. You just need to make sure the side splash lines up with your countertop before affixing it to the wall with a quality adhesive.

Side Splash Styles and Finishes

Finding the right finish for your side splash is critically important. And in most cases, homeowners choose a kitchen countertop side splash that matches their existing countertops.

If you have a patterned countertop, finding a laminate side splash that matches perfectly can be tough. That’s why we’re proud to offer designs that exactly match the countertops you already have. Here are the available finishes we have to offer:

  • Cullman Carrara Bianco: A light grayish, marble-like finish
  • Cullman Veneto Blush: A largely white, marble-like finish with hints of gray
  • Cullman Classic Crystal Granite: A grayish, granite-like finish
  • Cullman Dolce Vita: A colorful, stone-like finish
  • Cullman Blackstar Granite: A finish similar to black granite
  • Cullman Mediterranean Marble: A gray-brown, marble-like finish
  • Cullman Basalt Slate: A finish like black slate

Choosing a finish is part of the process, but you also want to ensure you select a side splash that will last for years. Our side splashes are made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and laminate, so they can easily withstand the everyday stresses of the kitchen.

MDF is a durable form of engineered wood that forms the solid core of each side splash. It’s strong enough to be used for many types of furniture.

Of course, engineered wood alone isn’t waterproof, so each MDF side splash is then covered in extra-tough, waterproof laminate. Laminate is affordable and long-lasting, and our ultra-realistic finishes look remarkably like actual marble and granite.

At Home Outlet, we’re committing to making home renovation as efficient as possible. Our side splashes have laminate on both sides, so they are reversible — no need to worry about purchasing separate side splashes for left or right walls!

We’re confident you’ll love our laminate side splashes, so we offer a limited one-year warranty on each one you buy.