Laminate Countertops

Get the look of natural stone with affordable laminate countertops! Barton's Home Improvement, Bargain Outlet, and Surplus Warehouse have a variety of options to complete your kitchen's look. Choices include a light, marbled white laminate countertop, a bold dark Blackstar granite-look, or our medium-toned Butterum. Our designs offer full-wrap edge profiles for scalloped, bar, or bullnose shapes.

Benefits of Laminate Kitchen Countertops

Laminate countertops are budget-friendly. They don't require polishing or sealing, which makes them low maintenance. They resist stains and spills and are typically cleaned easily with soap and water. They come with and without miters in standard sizes and are easy to cut. Compared to stone, our laminate countertops are lightweight and a cinch to install. In fact, you may want to opt for laminate bathroom countertops for the same reasons.

Complete the Look

When making your order, don't forget to finish the look by including a side splash and laminate countertop edges. Our end cap kits come with one left and right end cap to match exposed edges to the color and profile of your laminate countertops.

Send us a chat or give us a call for any questions you might have regarding our laminate countertops.