Cabinet Organizers

The smell of bacon wafting throughout your kitchen might sound amazing, but there are some cooking smells that you don’t want to collect inside your home. Range hoods provide ventilation to remove odors, heat, and smoke so that the air in your home remains fresh and clean. They can also look spectacular with many including a glass or stainless-steel surround. Our models have adjustable fan speeds, task lighting, and even washable filters. If you aren’t able to duct your range hood to the outside, Barton’s offers ductless range hood solutions that use carbon filters to remove unwanted odors and release clean air back into your kitchen. Browse different types and styles below to plan your perfect kitchen home improvement. Right project. Right know-how. Right price.

The Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer that Requires Minimal Effort

Most of our under-cabinet organizers are made from metal, making them exceptionally durable and strong enough to hold machinery like your food processor or electric mixer. No stools, muscles, or heavy lifting necessary. Just open your cabinet door or drawer and slide your organizer toward you to reveal whatever it is you need to complete your culinary creation.

Kitchen Cabinet Organizers for the Amateur Chef

If you are an avid cook or baker and find yourself in the kitchen more often than most, you might notice your kitchen supplies multiplying. Maybe you started with a cabinet full of dishes with just a few pots and pans for the go-to pasta or chili recipe. But now, every time you turn around, another electronic device, baking sheet, or mixing bowl has made its way into your life, taking up space on your counter or in your hard-to-reach cabinet. Your kitchen becomes a tornado of clutter every time you try a new recipe.

That’s why you desperately need kitchen cabinet organizers. Place our pot and pan cabinet organizers next to your stove for easy access. Set up your wine bottle shelves on the wall beside your fridge. Add a towel rack on the cabinet with your cleaning supplies. Assemble your base cabinet cookware organizer to be the ultimate space for your skillets, grill pans, and more. Whatever you need to organize your space, we’ve got you covered. Realizing you need more cabinets for even more kitchen storage? We can help with that too.