Range Hoods

Ventilate the air in your kitchen while cooking with a new range hood. Choose from stainless steel, white, or black; ductless or ducted; wall-mounted or otherwise assembled. Opt for a stove vent hood with adjustable fan speeds, a light switch, and a washable filter to keep your kitchen clean from contaminants, smoke, and odors. A properly installed kitchen range hood is necessary for every cooking space; however, there are certain features and styles that meet specific needs of families, businesses, and individuals.

Difference between Ducted and Ductless Range Hoods

Choosing between ductless and ducted range hoods depends on your frequency and style of cooking, as well as your preference for the location of your vent hood. Ducted options are typical of restaurants and larger use ventilation. However, they can also be used for those who create a large amount of smoke while cooking. We suggest installing this type of hood on a wall where the duct can easily be run to the outside of your home. On the other hand, ductless oven range hoods, also known as recirculated vent hoods, can be installed anywhere in the kitchen. While ducted hoods push all smoke and pollutants outside the home, ductless alternatives cycle air through a filter, where debris is trapped and clean air returns to the kitchen.

What to Look For in Your Vent Hood

Whether you are purchasing a stainless steel range hood to match your appliances, have chosen ducted over ductless, or prefer an inconspicuous downdraft design over a more obvious wall-mounted style, it is critical to measure your space first. You don't want to end up with a size too wide to keep above your stovetop, unless you prefer an island hood instead. Keep in mind what features you want in your hood. Do you require a light switch? A high speed fan? Minimal sound? If you have any questions regarding your range hood measurements or features, feel free to send us a chat, or contact us via email or phone.