If you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, a new modern faucet can add a touch of class and finish off the whole look of your space. As your trusted building supply store, Home Outlet offers faucets for any application. We think that whoever invented the pull-down faucet is a genius, and we celebrate that by carrying a wide selection of them in a variety of functions and finishes to match the style of your kitchen. Your faucet should align with your needs and provide functionality that helps make your kitchen experience efficient and enjoyable. If you’re shopping for bathroom faucet solutions, consider your shower routine to determine the best option that will help you save time and stay clean. Browse below to find your perfect faucet and order it today to complete your exciting remodel with Home Outlet. Where affordable quality is always at home.

Double or Single Handle Faucet?

Choosing between a dual or single handle faucet depends not just on personal preference, but how many holes are in your sink already. You might have to assemble a deckplate atop your sink if you wish to switch from two to one handle. Many offerings include a spray nozzle as well, making it easier to rinse out your sink or cover a wider area. Vanity faucets for your bathroom can also come in dual or single handle designs, some with acrylic knobs and others with turn washerless disc valves for a drip-free functionality.

Which Finish is Right for You?

Faucets can range from polished and sleek to a sophisticated matte. For a more contemporary home, chrome or black onyx might be the best choice. Family homes might prefer brushed nickel faucets for a comfortable, welcoming look and feel. Opt for finishes that complement your appliances, pots and pans, or cookware. We have what you need for faucets you will use for years.