For some, a sink might just be a place to wash up, but for others, it’s the central workstation of their kitchen or bathroom. We tend to agree with the others. Your sinks are likely the most used features inside of your home. Every day sinks are used repeatedly for washing hands, dishes, and vegetables, and enable you to keep your counters clean and sanitized. If you’ve ever heard mom say, “Just put it in the sink and I’ll deal with it” you know that there is a certain level of importance to that seemingly plain kitchen sink. So, when planning your kitchen or bathroom remodel and searching home improvement supplies, it’s important to choose a sink that meets your needs. Do you need two bowls, or will one suffice? Do you have large pots that require a deeper sink? Choose from our many options below and order your new sink today. Inspire your project. Inspire your budget.

Discount Sinks with Value Features

While we have many sinks for sale that are priced modestly to fit any budget, we always provide the very best in features and performance. Offering products with sound deadening pads, predrilled front overflow, and mounting clips, we hope to enhance your everyday washing routine with added convenience. With small sinks for sale, larger double-sided alternatives, and 50/50 or 60/40 styles in modern matte, sleek and polished, and classic satin finishes, you can find a sink that matches the aesthetic of your home and your specific needs.

Wondering where to buy sinks in store? We have over 100 locations across the US, so you can see and touch what you're buying before making a final decision. Find the closest store near you with our store locator.