Trim Board

Trim boards can be used for a variety of applications, from outdoor windows and siding to indoor baseboards, chair rail, and so much more. For the DIY novice and the woodworking professional alike, interior trim boards are often utilized when refurbishing furniture or building shelves. Available in several measurements, all our interior and exterior trim boards are made of unfinished wood, which means they can be stained however you wish. Choose from poplar, pine, and oak. If you prefer the ease of painted styles and a more finished look, our moulding might be a better alternative.

The Many Styles of Exterior Trim Boards

There are infinite ways to adorn your home with trim boards. While moulding styles like casing for windows, baseboards for flooring, and crown moulding for ceilings are widely popular indoors, exterior wood trim boards are a little different. There are five main types of outdoor trim for siding: frieze boards, soffits, rake boards, fascia boards, and boxends.

Frieze boards match up against the soffit and lay flat along the surface of your house. They overhang slightly so your siding can sit underneath. The soffits are located beneath your eaves and serve many functions, including moisture control, wind and rain protection, and bee nest prevention.

The purpose of rake boards, also known as bargeboards and positioned at an incline along the peaks of the roof, is to complete the architectural design of your home. Fascia boards, on the other hand, are more critical in terms of structure. These trim boards keep your truss tails and rafters connected, meaning they maintain the integrity of the roof and keep the eaves sturdy. Piecing together the soffits, siding, rake boards, and frieze boards are boxends. Boxends are also found at either side of a gutter.

More Outdoor Uses for Trim Boards

In addition to maintaining the framework of your home, exterior wood trim boards can be integrated into various design elements. Line your deck with deck trim boards or decorate your backyard with outdoor shelving units. Let us know, via chat, if you have any ideas, and we will be happy to assist with advice and answers to questions.