Other Departments

They say that miscellaneous is always the largest category.  We know at Barton's that no project is complete without the home improvement supplies needed to make it all happen, which is why we also provide just about anything else you will need to bring it all together.  With the right project, you are in the right place for the right know-how, and we also have the right price you have been looking for.  


No project is complete without:


Tools: Most projects don't simply require a few tools included with the box, which is why Barton's has the tools you are looking for to get the job done.  From grout floats to floor rollers, scrapers, brushes, sanders, wrenches, levels and anything else you will need to get the job done, welcome to the place where value lives!


Nuts, bolts, and screws: From hanging pictures to mounting cabinets, we have you covered on fasteners.


Caulk and adhesive: Available in a large assortment of colors, types, and setting/curing times, sometimes you need something to stay there and not move.  Especially crucial when it comes to remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, and especially useful in repainting a finishing walls in your home.


Lawn and garden: Make the outside as beautiful as the inside with our lawn and garden department. Priced right to inspire your project and inspire your budget.


Miscellaneous:  Is there something we might have missed? Contact us to get free ideas and expert advice on your next project today!