Great, Low-Cost Floors for Your High Traffic Areas

Friday, November 2, 2018

Whether you're touching up your home with the intention of putting it on the market or you just need a more durable flooring option for those high traffic rooms of the house, there are a variety of options to choose from that don't break the bank. What's more is that these inexpensive flooring styles still look great too. 

First things first - if you're looking for quality, durable flooring on the cheap, you're likely going to want to steer clear of hardwood and carpeting. That brings us to various types of vinyl, as these flooring options aren't just comparatively inexpensive and long-lasting, but many are fairly manageable DIY projects so you may not even have to hire a contractor for installation. Here's a closer look:

Low-Cost Flooring for High Traffic Areas

laminate flooring

Vinyl Tile: Vinyl tile isn't just resilient to wear and tear, but it's also very easy to maintain, as just an occasional sweeping and damp mopping are all that's necessary to keep it looking nice. It's also water resistant, making it an ideal flooring option for kitchens and common areas. Finally, it is super easy to install. In fact, many styles are available with a sticker adhesive for easy put down. What's more is that it's cheap - certain styles can be purchased for under $1 per square foot.

Sheet Vinyl: Sheet vinyl has all of the benefits of vinyl tile except for the fact that it's a tad bit more difficult to install. Unlike many vinyl tiles, which are backed with an adhesive for application, sheet vinyl usually needs to be glued down and the sub-floor needs to be adequately prepared. Noting this, and the fact that the sheets are normally larger than the tiles and that there's generally a bit more cutting and shaping of the flooring involved, this style can put some homeowners outside of their DIY comfort zone.

Luxury Vinyl Plank: Luxury vinyl plank is designed to last for decades. Yes, this flooring style shares many commonalities with the two other vinyl options that we mentioned above. It is, however, normally a bit more expensive, ranging anywhere from $1 to $5 per square foot. Like the other vinyl options we've listed here, it's extremely durable to dents and scratches, moisture-resistant and can be installed just about anywhere in the home.

Laminate: Laminate isn't as durable as the vinyl flooring options on this list, but it's still a very durable floor. However, it makes up for this when it comes to cost, as some laminate options can be purchased for as little as 50 cents a square foot. Another potential downside to laminate is that it cannot be installed anywhere in the house, mainly due to the fact that it doesn't hold up well against moisture. Aside from durability and lack of water resistance, laminate shares many of the same features that vinyl does. It's easy to clean and maintain, easy to DIY install and available in all sorts of different styles and colors.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

If you select any of the above flooring styles, you won't be disappointed when it comes to durability and cost. High traffic areas of the house are tough to find the right flooring option for, but any of the aforementioned will look great and stand up to foot traffic for many, many years.






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