Bath Tubs & Showers

The importance of a comfortable, enjoyable tub and shower space is undeniable. Water droplets against your skin, an intoxicating relaxation that can physically and mentally rinse your body clean after a long day or can jolt you awake in preparation for the day ahead; the shower is a place of serenity, that one spot in the house where your kids can't bother you, where you have no responsibilities whatsoever. With the perfect tub and shower surround and coordinating shower head, you can create a sanctuary you may never want to leave. Our assortment includes surrounds, two- to five-piece bathtub shower kits, shower doors, grab bars, and towel bars. Choose the size and style you prefer to complete your restful haven.

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Types of Tub and Shower Kits

Finding the right tub and shower for yourself and your family can be a challenge, especially if you are uncertain of the differences between types. Understanding the distinguishing features of each can give you a better idea of what you want out of your new installation.

When it comes to bath units, there are a few terms you want to be familiar with - alcove, soaker, drop-in, walk-in, and freestanding. Alcove tubs are installed between three walls. The tub itself can be whatever size or shape fits between these walls. Soaker tubs provide additional space than the average size bathtub. This extra area is meant for destressing, not just cleaning. While walk-in tubs include a watertight door for ease of entry, a drop-in tub includes just the interior of the full bathtub and also requires a frame. Of course, a freestanding bathtub sits aboveground, often acting as a focal point in a bathroom.

Separate from our tub collection, we carry shower tub surrounds that offer the best of both worlds. For those nights when you could use a bottle of wine and lavender-scented bathing salts, there is a tub; for every other day, whether you need a full scrub or just a rinse, there is an attached shower. These bathtub shower kits also include shelves to place your bath products. Just want the shower? We have that too! Browse our collection and discover what works best for you today!