When it comes to home improvement, few projects have the same cost-to-impact ratio as replacing old or inefficient windows. Outdated windows are not only unsightly but also a major energy waster that could be driving up your heating and cooling costs. 

At Home Outlet, we can help you increase your home’s energy efficiency and overall value with new, high-quality windows. Is your window a non-standard size? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or more traditional, we carry a wide selection of new windows to meet your needs.

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Window Styles

There are two main styles of vertical sliding house windows to choose from: single-hung windows and double-hung windows. 

Single-hung windows get their name from having only one sash that can be opened and closed. With single-hung windows, you are free to raise and lower the lower sash, but the upper sash remains fixed in place. 

On the other hand, both the upper and lower sashes open on a double-hung window. This provides enhanced airflow and ventilation and makes cleaning a bit easier. 

Both single and double-hung windows can be further divided based on their energy efficiency and specific design elements. 

Energy-efficient windows have better insulation to help keep the outside air out and the cooled or warmed air from your HVAC system in. They may also have multiple panes of glass and special coatings applied to help minimize energy loss. 

You can also select single- and double-hung windows with internal grid patterns. Rather than a single, large pane of glass, internal grid windows — sometimes also called divided lite windows — have small, evenly-spaced panes of glass within the main window frame. 

This creates a grid-like pattern that adds visual interest and a sense of balance. Internal grid windows also give your home a more traditional or refined look and can help make it feel warmer and more inviting. 

Window Materials and Finishes

When browsing our selection of windows, you have the choice between vinyl and aluminum windows. Both materials are extremely durable, low-maintenance, and resistant to moisture, rot, and termite damage, but they do differ in some key areas.

Vinyl windows tend to be more energy-efficient because they do not conduct heat and cold the same way aluminum windows do. Vinyl windows are also resistant to expanding and contracting due to temperature changes. This helps ensure their airtight seal remains intact. 

In terms of design, aluminum windows are generally considered more modern and sleek, but vinyl is more versatile. Vinyl windows offer a timeless look that complements every style of home.  

Benefits of Upgrading Your Windows 

Window replacements from Home Outlet come with several practical benefits that make them a great choice for every type of home. 

For starters, new windows can help reduce your energy costs by keeping air trapped inside to minimize heat loss. They also help keep your house warmer in the winter. Drafty windows let in the frigid winter air, but window replacements from Home Outlet will help keep the cold air out and help you maintain cozy, warm temperatures inside. 

If your windows are outdated, falling apart, or lack locks, new windows can also improve your home’s security. But for many homeowners, the biggest benefit of new windows is the added home value. New windows tend to have an ROI of around 75% when calculating home value. That number can go even higher if you select energy-efficient windows. 

Finally, new windows are better at dampening and blocking out unwanted noise. They can help you maintain a quiet and peaceful home by reducing the amount of outside noise that can be heard. 

No matter how old your house is, you can still reap the amazing benefits of upgrading your windows when you shop at Home Outlet.