The kitchen is really the heart of any home.  It is where families gather to make dinners, teenagers dart in to raid the fridge, and visiting relatives offer unsolicited advice.  If your kitchen is a place you spend a lot of your time, you notice other things too.  If you've been noticing ways that kitchen remodel and design can improve storage and convenience, then you've come to the right place.  Barton's offers free kitchen home improvement planning and everything you need for your next kitchen makeover.


Cabinets: A huge selection to choose from, you can go with traditional, wood paneled, industrial, or any point in-between.


Countertops: Laminate, granite, quartz, bamboo, stainless steel, and engineered for cost and durability.


Sinks and Basins: Offset sizes, single or multiple compartments, stainless steel, porcelain coated, granite composite and many more!


Drawer/cabinet pulls: It's the little things that bring it all together. Get rid of that hodge-podge of pulls and handles!  Barton's is priced to let you make your kitchen look great, without sacrificing any detail, no matter how small.


Wine racks: Serve up some class and put your tastes on display.  From under-cabinet mounted racks to larger interior racks, your wine is secure, handy, and proudly displayed with these kits.


Organization: Organization options are as important a part of your design aesthetic as the cabinet doors and countertops.  From wire shelving to wood or glass, Barton's has been on trend for generations.  


Faucets and fixtures: Where form and function meet, you can have a beautiful faucet without sacrificing functionality, or breaking up the design of your kitchen.  Priced right to suit the needs of your upgrade, Barton's has a wide selection to choose from and store Partners who are always happy to offer suggestions.  


Range hoods: See what we have to offer with a selection of range hoods.  Inadequate ventilation can lead to a messy kitchen, constant cleaning up, and endless frustrations.  You'll see the difference right away with this upgrade!


Barton's has been a leading building supply store since 1885.  Our company is 100% employee owned, which means not only do we enjoy helping our customers, but we also take pride in what we do.  With exceptional selection, we also provide impressive value to our customers.  At prices that can help inspire your next project without the constraint of huge expenses.