Granite Countertops

Granite has been a winner in the countertop game for many years and can be found in most high-end homes. But why pay high-end prices? Our affordable, real granite countertops can transform your kitchen and give it an ultra-classy look without burning a hole in your wallet. Natural stone ties in beautifully with your cabinetry regardless of what color or style you have, and the scratch and heat resistant properties allow you to use your kitchen without the worry of damaging your counters. Hot pot? You can set it right on the counter without using a hot pad! Granite is also nonporous, which means that most spills and bacteria don’t stand a chance. Home Outlet has a wide selection of granite that is sure to fit the budget of your kitchen home improvement. Exceptional selection. Impressive value.

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Additional Benefits of Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite countertops are nonporous, making them resistant to bacteria. This means they are a sanitary option for family kitchens. Our countertops are sealed and polished to a high shine. They won't fade and are easy to clean. You might even consider installing granite bathroom countertops for the same reasons.

Create a Look as Unique as Your Tastes

Every countertop is unique because granite is a natural stone. Each slab has its own variations of mineral content, which effects the color combinations and patterns. Our dark granite countertops have hints of gold, blue, purple, or black. Our white granite countertops show veins of light gray, light green, or pinkish hues. Contact us via chat or phone to get help matching the best granite countertop to your kitchen cabinets.